Musicore offers private instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.

Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and offer a wide range of current educational methods to

promote a healthy and engaging musical learning experience that is tailored to achieve the goals of each individual student.
All private music lessons are scheduled under the discretion and availability of the relevant instrumental teacher.


Private lessons are offered for

 - Piano   - Violin    - Viola   - Cello   

  - Flute   - Trumpet  - Guitar  - Clarinet  - Saxophone   
- Musicianship/ Theory / Aural Skills


30 mins

45 Mins

60 Mins

90 mins

Beginner - Preliminary                          Grades 1 - 3                                        Grades 4 - 7                                       Grades 8+

Please enquire for Grade 8 + Lesson fees

All lessons fees are inclusive of GST and are subject to per instrument.