If so, let us introduce you to our instrumental practise program.

This program is only offered to students who have a primary (main) instrumental teacher

either within or outside of Musicore Academy, and is currently offered for the following instruments:

- Violin      - Viola      - Cello      - Piano

At Musicore Academy, we offer one on one instrumental practise sessions with teachers who
understand the struggles of practising, especially in the midst of your very busy lives.
Music is much more than just learning an instrument or knowing how to read the notes and in order
to achieve the optimum result, it is essential for students to practise regularly with accuracy.
The aim of our instrumental practise session is for students to gain understanding on how to
practise effectively on their own. Together with the teacher, students are to set aside a goal during
each session (whether it’d be memorising a scale/piece/general knowledge, working to perfect a
small section of a piece or solidifying a specific technique).
Our practise teachers are only available to assist in working towards achieving the set goal.

Practise teachers will:
- Work with individual students to assist with any revision homework set by the primary instrumental teacher may assist up to 2 students in any 1 session (different rooms), to allow students to work independently on their chosen goals
- May assist with general knowledge and aural skills
- Help with school orchestral music practise


Practise teachers will not:
- Provide new resources or assist in learning further than what has been taught by the primary teacher
- Enrol students in AMEB or other examinations and competitions


Does your child struggle to practise on their own?

Do you find it hard to motivate your child to practise?

Does practise time at home develop into an argument?

Do you often hear your child practise their instrument, but feel as though there is no improvement?

Would you like your child to have some guidance to develop an effective practising routine?

Encouraging and providing opportunities for children to engage in regular musical activities and
musical play will help them grow healthy habits that will in time, underpin regular practise routines.